Who We ARe

The Florida Young Democrats (FYD) are the official Florida chapter of the Young Democrats of America. We are a political organization dedicated to securing the future of the Florida Democratic Party by providing county chapters with resources to engage with young voters. Together, we encourage Young Democrats to become leaders in their communities, develop the next generation of Democratic voters, and ensure youth turnout for local, state, and national elections.


what we do

  • Organize Tally Days, our annual trip to Tallahassee which gives members a glimpse of the work in our capitol & face-time with their state representatives.

  • Provide FREE trainings to our members and candidates with our Campaign Academy.

  • Engage young voters and teens aged 14-40 by including them in the political process.

  • Educate young voters on pending legislation and candidates in their area.

  • Recruit and elect young candidates who will bring necessary change to our local and state offices.

  • Participate in the political discourse to amplify the voice of new and young voters in Florida. Volunteer in our communities in support of our democratic values.

The Florida Young Democrats are helping to power the grassroots movement that is taking over our state. Their support energized our campaign for Florida House. Together, I know we can turn Florida blue!
— State Representative Margaret Good, District 72